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Lyon-style Luncheon Roll has a slightly smoked flavour. The mild Lyon taste blends well with most dishes. Mildly spiced, but aromatic nonetheless, the Lyon-style Luncheon Roll can be eaten hot or cold. Cut into thin strips this sausage is a great addition to barley soup. Briefly sautéed in vegetable oil makes this vegi-sausage is a great meal with boiled potatoes and sauerkraut. Even a Swiss traditional ‘sausage-cheese’ salad can be prepared easily as a vegan delicacy with finely sliced Lyon-style Luncheon Roll and No-Moo Classic.

Ingredients: Water, wheat protein (gluten), vegetable oils and fats (non-hydr.), spices (contains celery), flour, rock salt, vegetable concentrate, wheat fibers (gluten-free), rice starch, binder (guar gum,xanthan), antioxidant (ascorbic acid), natural smoke flavour.

ALLERGENS: Contains wheat.