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Our water comes to you from the Cottonwood Springs in Mount Warrenheip, Ballarat here in Australia! 100% spring water, it’s rich in minerals and naturally alkaline. And the watershed is enormously plentiful—three billion gallons—replenished annually with rain. We don’t use water the community would otherwise need. Sustainable and responsible. Pristine and delicious. JUST.

Plastic is kind of the reason we created JUST — we were disappointed in a marketplace dominated by unsustainable bottled water in plastic packaging that, more often than not, isn’t recycled properly.  But it turns out that it’s incredibly difficult to get away from plastic altogether at any type of scale. We’re just not willing to accept that plastic can’t be done a different way, so instead of making the small plastic components of our cartons (like the cap) from petroleum-based plastic, we shifted to plastic made from PLANTS. The JUST water bottle is now made from 88% renewable resources, which means that the sources of the materials can grow back. The result: a 74% reduction in carbon emissions compared to plastic bottles.

Yes, JUST cartons are recyclable! Recycled cartons can be used for everything from tissues to paper towels to building materials! 

Ingredients: 100% Australian Spring Water.

Allergens: None. 


*100% PURE