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When it comes to your health, Almonds are always a delicious nut that carries a number of health benefits. Snack on our Activated Almonds all day to give your body the healthy fats, fibers, and proteins you need to reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, reduce hunger, and promote weight loss. Sourced right from the heart of Australia, our almonds are 100% organic and natural.

Each nut is carefully soaked for up to 24 hours in a specially formulated solution of pure water, Himalayan pink salt, and organic raw apple cider vinegar. This soaking process is designed to remove phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors, which are found naturally in raw nuts, to ensure that the nuts are more easily digestible. It helps to increase the bioavailability of the nutrients and vitamins found in each nut. From there, the nuts are dehydrated slowly at a low temperature for as long as 4 days to ensure that the nut’s natural fat and nutrients remain stable

Ingredients: Raw Almonds & Pink Himalayan Salt

May contain traces of organic raw apple cider vinegar 




*Gluten Free