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Since the cradle of civilization whole grains have been at the center of communities. In fact, Freekeh has been featured in recipes dating all the way back to 2300 BC which means Freekeh is an ancient super food! 

Freekeh is named after the process of rubbing fire roasted young wheat. Freekeh is harvested in early spring when stores of grain from the previous season may have been used up. The early harvest means less water is used to grow the plant and less time for weeds to grow. Harvesting the green wheat early also locks in nutrients like protein and fiber. But the reason this spring offering continues to be harvest and roasted today? Freekeh is delicious. Freekeh is roasted green wheat with nothing added! 

You can cook Freekeh on the stovetop in a saucepan, or in a rice cooker (on the brown rice setting). Simply use 1 part Freekeh to 2 1/2 parts of boiling water or broth. Cover and reduce heat to simmer for about 20-25 minutes, or until tender.

Freekeh is fire roasted young wheat with a smoky flavor and nutty chewy texture. 

Freekeh has up to three times the fiber and protein found in brown rice, and fewer calories than quinoa and white rice. Freekeh is a great choice to use in recipes you already enjoy. The cook times are comparable to brown rice, so it’s easy to choose Freekeh!

Ingredients: Roasted Green Durum Wheat.

ALLERGENS: Contains Gluten.