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Crushed potatoes are washed to extract the starch, which is then dehydrated to produce this naturally gluten-free Potato Starch. It is different from potato flour, which contains the whole potato. With a mild flavour that doesn’t have any potato taste, this starch is a wonderful baking and cooking ingredient that can be used in place of corn starch. The smooth texture of potato starch makes it a great replacement for wheat flour or corn starch in many recipes where a ‘thickener’ is needed. Potato starch also improves the texture and adds moisture to baked dishes – great for gluten-free baking. As it can be cooked at a higher temperature than corn starch and many flours it is perfect for batters.

Potato starch is especially popular in baking and is suitable in sweet or savoury cooking due to its subtle flavour. Potato starch is often included in potato bread and savoury pancake recipes or is wonderful for making dumplings.

Also popular in gluten-free baking, where it is best combined with gluten-free flours as it binds with the other ingredient and improves the structure and texture – with light and fluffy results.

It is great in bread, muffins, cookies and cakes, and delicious crisp pie crusts. Potato starch is also perfect for dusting veggies, seafood or meat before cooking. As it can be fried at a high temperature it works beautifully for smooth, crunchy batters. Potato starch can be substituted 1:1 for flour or corn starch to thicken sauces, hotpots, pie fillings and soups.

To avoid the potato starch from clumping, add gradually to sauces – mixing well.

Ingredients: Potato Starch


ALLERGENS: May contain traces of soy and milk.