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Pecans are related to hickory trees and are native to North America. These wonderful raw Pecans are grown and processed right here in Western Australia in Collie. They have a wonderfully fresh, sweet nut flavour and aroma with a creamy texture, naturally softer than some other varieties of nuts. They are a delicious nut to snack on, or fabulous added to a range of raw foods, baked goods and savoury recipes. Freshly ground Pecan meal (or flour) and nut-butter are also popular and easy to make. These Australian grown nuts are irresistible.

Australian Pecans are a fabulous snack on their own, or delicious with plump dried fruits in a yummy hiker’s mix. These raw nuts are great roughly chopped and added to muesli, smoothie bowls, and oat or quinoa porridge. Pecans can be ground to a fresh ‘meal’ suitable for sprinkling over desserts and savoury dishes, or adding to baking recipes.

Or blend finely ground nuts, with a little oil, into smooth dairy-free nut butter. Pecans add a little crunch to rice, quinoa or green salads; or try replacing walnuts in a ‘Waldorf’. Toss chopped nuts over stir-fries, noodles and hotpots or add to the couscous. Pecans are a star in baking recipes, especially muffins, boiled fruit cakes, choc-chip cookies, nut & seed bread and, of course, the classic Pecan pie.

For a real treat, lightly toast these pecans in a little pure maple syrup – great for nibbling; served with non dairy yoghurt, fruit salad or ice cream; added to homemade chocolate recipes; or for something special when entertaining.

Ingredients: Western Australian Pecan nuts

ALLERGENS: Tree Nuts (Pecans)