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100% Australian grown and made wholewheat flour, stoneground from a special soft wheat variety. All of the fibre and goodness of the whole grain is retained in this flour.

As it has less protein and gluten than plain flour, it is not suitable for breads, but perfect for cakes, biscuits, pastries, muffins and pancakes!

Organic Wholemeal Cake Flour is suitable for cakes or flat breads but can also be used for most everyday cooking needs.

It is important to remember that wholemeal grains and flours absorb more moisture than their white counterparts, for this reason you must consider the moisture levels of your dish or cake you are making.

You may find it worthwhile to let it sit for a little while after mixing in the flour and adding a little more moisture if needed after the absorption takes place.

Ideally wholemeal cake flour should be refrigerated to retain freshness.

No GMO. Unbleached and unrefined. Preservative and additive free.

Ingredients: Organic Wheat Grain

ALLERGENS: Contains Gluten (Wheat)