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A short-grain, pearl-like Italian white rice which is high in starch. Arborio rice forms the foundation of the dish risotto. Riso means rice in Italian. Like other rices, Arborio is a member of the grass family. What distinguishes it is a higher than normal amount of soluble starch that is released during cooking. The starch is what makes a risotto creamy. Arborio rice takes about eighteen minutes to cook. It is done when it is al dente, tender on the outside and firm in the center.

Beyond classic risottos, Arborio rice can be used in soups, pilaf, and even Spanish paella or creamy cinnamon rice pudding. Pre-cooked risotto makes wonderful light patties – try them with sweet potato and caramelised onion. Some delectable Risottos are pumpkin and asparagus and mushrooms. Wonderful dessert risottos can be created with chocolate and berries, figs and almonds or orange marmalade.

Ingredients: Arborio Rice