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Australian Vegans is a one-of-a-kind publication. How is it different to other vegan magazines and journals? It's about ideas. Leadership. How we can collaborate to accelerate the progress of veganism in Australia. The ways we can be more effective, smarter and more strategic, in order to reach the hearts and minds of people. It's the thinking vegan's journal.

The journal is an independent, ethical vegan publication with articles, interviews and photography by vegans from all corners of Australia.

The magazine contains an article by Vegan Australia called "Give the government a piece of your mind!" about how you can get your voice heard in government by contributing to one of the many inquiries held. Your views are welcome and they help the government know how the Australian public is feeling about an issue and also inform the government about the facts of the issue.

Also included volume 2 of the Australian Vegans Journal are articles on raising vegan children, country vegan outreach, running an animal sanctuary and many more.

Kathy Divine

78 pages