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Join Swan at the animal rescue sanctuary as she visits all her precious friends and learns about caring for animals and protecting them. This is a gentle introduction to animal rights for all children.

This is a gentle series of children's books that follow the adventures of Swan as she learns about life as an animal lover and activist.

Designed to be read from birth and throughout childhood, this series will help children connect with animals and remove some of the barriers to kindness that develop in the early years of life. The Swan Series is a gentle form of animal rights and environmental activism that will not upset or distress young children but will gently introduce them to developing a life-long love of animals and the earth.

This is an invaluable educational tool for children and promotes understanding and diversity. Written and illustrated by Anita Ahmadizadeh, this beautiful series will take children on a journey of compassion and kindness that will open up their hearts and minds through the gentle words of a vegan mother.    

Author: Anita Ahmadizadeh